a musing: derivations of a non-conformist idealist

a musing: derivations of a non-conformist idealist

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Show me the guppies!

Ok, so here's the tank which has been placed right outside the main door to our house. It's separated into two tanks, one for males and one for females (and the winning *prettiest* male). I still have yet to choose which male to put in there, I have a few candidates and am auditioning all of them for healthiest movement, color, and tail type.Here's the side for the females. It has a water sprite plant for the ones who are already pregnant and would be giving birth. This plant will give some of the fry a chance not to get eaten by the adults before I harvest and place them in a separate, smaller fry tank.
Here's the side for the males. It has two plants, a driftwood and some corals. Most of the time, the males stay near the surface feeding or playing with the bubbles from the pump.
Like so.
The following are solo pictures. This one's a female. She doesn't have a gonopodium (penis) on her belly side.
Unlike these next four gentlefish... This one's a lyretail, I think. His tail is divided into two. Pretty heavy it looks like- he often swims not as straight as the other males.
Like this red-tailed one.
Or this pink male.
Or this one with snake-scales-like-patterns on his body.
We currently have fifteen fry in the small tank. Hopefully they grow up nice looking males and get some new virgin females too. Hopefully they live past their first month- it's like Project Runway with these fishes... One day you're in the tank alive, the next day, you're out dead. :)



  • At Sunday, January 04, 2009 8:30:00 AM, Blogger linktokrish said…

    What a fishy blog... heheheh... we also have a 50-gallon tank in Bulacan which houses the carps (sometimes tilapia... hehehe) then another 5-gallon tank for the flower horn. We also started with the smaller ones, like guppies and gold fish, but when they all died, my brothers opted to keep the big ones. As they say, seeing the fish grow gives them a sense of fulfillment or reward for the time and effort spent. Also, bigger fish has longer life span, thus, less frusstration for them... bweheheheheh. Good luck to your fishy endeavor!!! =)

  • At Sunday, January 04, 2009 11:19:00 AM, Blogger jaybeecc said…

    fee!!! musta?
    one more male died today due to in-fighting (?) - the lyretail. and another has half his tail nipped already poor fishy

    may party si andrew sa jan.10, swimming party... na-text ka niya?

  • At Monday, January 12, 2009 3:20:00 AM, Blogger linktokrish said…

    waaaahhh... ngayon ko lang nabasa to.... hindi nya rin ako natext pero ok lang po... ;) i guess hindi rin ako makakapunta due to mommy duties. =D sorry to hear about the tragedy of the lyretail. i guess mahirap talaga pagsamasamahin ang males. Btw, do u have my new Smart number? The one with 0908?

  • At Thursday, January 15, 2009 6:15:00 PM, Blogger jaybeecc said…

    i don't think so... text me 09178535222


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